Lot 7 – Sims 1

Creator: KNIGHT

Sq. Ft.- 9,198
Value- $$104,689.00

As you approach this spacious and beautiful home, you can’t help but notice the
beautiful walkways that encircle the house and lead to the swimming pool in the
back. The front, columned entryway leads to the large foyer with a dual staircase
leading to the upstairs where you will find the 2 large but cozy bedrooms.

The spacious living room is off to the right of the foyer and has it’s own walk-out
entryway. The dining room and kitchen are off to the left of the foyer and on
each side of the staircase is a seperate entryway leading to the pool, with 4
small bathrooms/dressing rooms, behind the wall of the staircase between those

Your Sims will enjoy a very relaxing view from all sides
of the uuper level in this house, choosing one of the
three balconies, one above the front entry, overlooking
the front yard, and one on each side of the house, both having a view of the back yard and pool! On those chilly or hot days when your Sims would prefer to stay in and relax by reading a good book or just lounging, they may use the sunroom at the top of the stairs. What a great house!


He has also a homeless family for us to addopt. You can find the family here.

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