Lot 6 – Sims 1

Creator: KNIGHT

Sq. Ft.- 4,365
Value- $43,314.00

New and ready for renovation (wallpapering, flooring, etc…), This immaculate
Sims home has a living room with fireplace, a kitchen off of the living room with a dining room that has a perfect view of the pool and 2 bathrooms located on the first level.
Upstairs, is a very large bedroom with an ajoining bathroomand a walk out balcony-terrace that overlooks the grandeous swimming pool.

Swim to the hot tub on a platform in the center of the pool.
Great for the partying Sims, who may enjoy a little late night skinny dipping!! 😉

This home comes equipt with a secret passageway for the telepad. Yours Sims Family can enjoy the comfort of this beautiful, luxurious home feeling safe and secure with the entire lot surrounded by a wrought iron balustrade fence.

Mapple Door frame: Holly of Sims Kindred Spirits

Black rose Bush from by Dominia


He has also a homeless family for us to addopt. You can find the family here.

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