Lot 9 – Sims 1

Creator: KNIGHT

It HAS, a lovely inside garden, that You may want to call a gardener for…
LOL …and as You walk into the house You will come to the first area, “the
foyer” right or left can be a dining-room/kitchen or a spacious living room!
You choose which!.

If you go straight, it leads You to the entrance of the doors that open to
the pool! Off of the side of the pool doors are two telpads that lead to the second
floor, where you’ll find 2 unfurnished bedrooms and 2 or more unfurnished bathrooms
and out the doors is a lovely Balcony!

The house is valued at $85,269 and the square feet equals 10,899!!!

Only bad thing about owning this wonderful house is, you can’t hang anything on the glass since it’s all windows and I would recommend getting along with Your neighbors and NOT casting the first stone!!! LOL

Fence from SMN & SimSnobs.

teleporter from Killersims

Glass walls, floors, roofs and doors are  from Jobtwosims at Killersims


He has also a homeless family for us to addopt. You can find the family here.

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