Porch Post 1

Sims 2

New mesh. Base texture in White.

Download mesh

Textures for Post 1

Download Download
Download Download

I’ve changed my policy about cloning or recoloring my Sims 2 objects. Read HERE for details.

New objects for The Sims 2 are currently in Beta stage. They run safely in The Sims 2, but you should use them at your own risk. Recolored objects will require you to download and install the CEP – Colour Options Enabler that can be found here:

4 thoughts on “Porch Post 1

  1. Hello! May I please have your permission to repository-link some of your creations? Ideally I’d like to try and slave your 4 brackets and 2 porch posts to your 6-tile roof gable but I might only be able to slave the posts to the gable and the brackets to a master bracket. I would fully credit you and link back to your lovely site if I may. Thank you for considering it 🙂

  2. Hello,

    Of course you have my permission to do it.
    I supose that you have already read my faq and that you know that I ask for my meshes or textures not to be included in pay or donation packages / or websites.

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