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I have not played Sims 1 since Sims 2 come; but I know that there is still a lot of pleople playing Sims 1 and enjoying downloading Sims 1 custom made content.

I’m doing a change to web 2.0 to my site, but I’m keeping the original files and layout that I used for Sims 1 just because I like how they originally looked (well, sort of 🙂 )

The link to the main Sims 1 page is HERE

Those are the direct links to the sections:

Home Project

Medieval Set





Heather’s creations

Happy Simming


10 thoughts on “Sims 1 downloads

  1. ive downloaded them, and i love them, especially the design of house,
    but i dont know how 2installed them on my sims,
    will u teach me how, please .. ?

    i ll wait,
    sincerely yours,

  2. I’ve not played sims for years and I cann’t remember where did I put them to play, but fortunately google is my friend

    Put the file in this folder:
    C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Downloads

    That’s assuming you used the default installation preferences.
    Also, it may be helpful to make a subfolder for each object file so you know where they are in the event they cause problems in the game.

  3. ive tried it,
    its work after i extract all of them in the download folder,
    but there are some which dont appear,
    like the floors, the walls, and the design of houses,
    i am so curious about the house, because i really wanna buy them ..

    sincerely yours,

  4. Simthing for Everyone has a good tutorial wich explains where to put everything:

    Objects (*.iff) into the Sims\Downloads Folder or the Sims\Game Data\User Objects Folder
    Skins (*.bmp, *.skn, *.cmx) into the Sims\Game Data\Skins Folder
    Walls (*.wll) into the Sims\Game Data\Walls Folder
    Roofs (*.bmp) into the Sims\GameData\Roofs Folder
    Floors (*.flr) into the Sims\Game Data\Floor Folder
    Houses (*.fam) into the Sims\UserData\Import Folder

    More info and lovely objects that will help you enjoy your play with Sims 1 at Bunny Wuffles Architectural supplies for Sims 1:

  5. I too have sims1 downloads on my site and am glad to see that the Sims 1 is still being appreciated because I thought most people had abandoned it. Thank you.

  6. Did you have a look at the top of the post? It has the links to the main sims 1 site and the links to each sims 1 section.

    If not, did you have a look at the right of the page? Once you are at a sims 1 page, all the sims 1 sections are visible.
    Every download has the word “Download”, just do a “click”

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