The Castle (VII) – Medieval Set – Sims 1

Medieval Furniture

Table and dinning chairs from Sims Interior Designs

Steps from Sims Interior Designs

Inge from Sim Logics has hacked the throne to make it reservable by a single sim preventing any other sim sitting in it. You can also make your sims “sit and stay” till you want him stand up. Both thrones have different names and it appears at the catalog in your game.
Download hacked throne

Chair Ottoman
Dark Bench Dark Chest
Light Chest Light Bench

 cloned from Coleen Bust by Simsplus

Base game Window without glass
(dropable when walls are down)
Wooden box Download
Misc decorative objects
Apples Mandarines Grapes Dish
Dishes Goblet Goblet Jar


Made by Kandlelore


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