The Castle (III) – Medieval Set – Sims 1

Castle Tower with almena

Tower with the “Almena” at the second floor

Tower made with the “Almena” and corners

Detail of part of the Almena with a corner
The corner is a working light

(dropable when walls are down)

Download Tower

Someone asked me if I could make the towers be placed as if they were at a 3rd floor. I’ve made new ones and changed the zbuffers, but due to some aspects of the game, when roofs are on there will be a part of the roof showing around the tower.
Download Castle Tower 3rd floor

Almena Corner
(dropable when walls are down)

Almena wall
(dropable when walls are down)

Download Download

Stone Bridge (LL required)

The Knight Templar can be found at Simfreaks


Ivy Stone Bridge (LL required)

Did you recognise these Sims? They’re made by Owen from Castle Simtannia, go there to get more lovely things.


Medieval Wooden Drawbridge (LL required)

My next hacked object. A bridge that can be placed on water. Your sims can walk on it. It can be placed in front of a door, don’t worry, your sims will be able to enter or leave your castle. LL is required.

Medieval Arched door (LL required)

It’s not a real door but a statue. You can find it at the build section on your game. For proper installing over water you need to place the water first and then the door twice flipping one of the parts (this is due to the fact that I wanted to make only one file for the object and not 2). LL is required. (dropable when walls are down)

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