Home Project – Pool tiles

No dream home could be completed without a lovely pool where your sims can make some exercise, have fun and meet new friends. This time I’ve changed the water textures adding small mosaics to the floor. All the objects are made with the new Rugomatic and I could’nt test if they would work only with the Sims (no expansion packs) because I have got all of them. They are hacked to be placed on pools, wich means that your sims can swim as always in the pool. To make them work you only need to build your normal pool (as you always did) and then add the tiles that you think will suit each tile of the pool.

Basic pool tiles

Download Basic Pool tiles
Download Dolphin pool tile

A simmer called Ben told me that there were some more tiles that I didn’t make for my previous pool sets. I have added this and others that could complete the set. Perhaps there are more of them but I couldn’t find them. I’ve zipped the files in to zip archives, one with the Basic pool tiles and another with the “extra tiles” to enhance your pools. For Those of you that like puzzles (like me) I think that you will have a good time landscaping your sims houses. Ben Also told me that some small mosaics would be good. I’ve made some small ones (more to come soon with other designs) and a new 2×3 one with a dolphin. For a small tutorial on how build a more strange pool you can look at one that I made HERE.

Small Pool Mosaics

Download pool mosaics

Enhanced pool tiles

Extra tiles for Landscaping, the second pool looks strange, I think it would be difficult to swim 😉

Download Enhanced pool tiles

2×3 tiles Pool Mosaics (NEW)

Donwload flower pool mosaic

Download fishes pool mosaic

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