The pool set – Part 2 – Sims 1

A new adition to the pool set is now avaliable for download. This time I’ve made some walls around the pools, and added some fountains into the pools too, a cream white new column (dropable) adds a more sophisticated look to all the set. The wall fountains are animated and can be placed anywhere but they are intended to be at pools sides. The small fountain comes in 2 water textures and can be placed on terrain or on pool. The walls and corners are Living Large objects, cloned from an original Maxis rug that I hacked. The blue set comes with a matching pool diving board.

There is a small visual tutor of the pool tiles placement that shows some of the places where these tiles could be placed. Click HERE to see it (opens a new window)

Blue Pool Set

(detail of the wall fountain)

Donwload the column

Download the fountain (SS)

Pool Wall fountain blue (Sims only)

Download the pool diving board

Download the walls and corners


Cream Pool Set

(detail of the wall fountain)

Download the walls and corners

Download the fountain

Pool Wall fountain beige (Sims only)


Small inside pool fountains


Pool Steps (Fake)

Steps using water texture 4 (w4). Decorative object

Download steps water texture 2 (w2)

Download steps water texture 3 (w3)

Download steps water texture 4 (w4)


Pool water Tiles – Turkish Baths

I want to do a small recognition to Bunny Wuffles from Architectural Supplies for Sims for her generousity and talent creating all her wonderful objects. As I’m in love with her Turkish Bath Set I wanted to add some pool tiles wich can be shown and downloaded below. Thanks to Bunny Wuffles for allowing me to use her walls and floors as a base for the tiles.
Please, do a visit to her site if you want to learn something about the turkish baths and of course download a lot of wonderful objects of her Set.

Download full set

I’ve made some walls and floors to match the water textures of the pool set, they can be used for example for a simulated 2nd floor pool and a cascade wall. In case you haven’t tried it, the objects of the pool set don’t need a pool being build to be used and you can use them at the second floor to simulate a fake pool.

Download the walls and floors

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