It has been a long time not making things for Sims. Some times life calls, there are other games to play… and after 7 years playing and creating I got bored. Bla bla bla. Now on to the download.

My first Sims 3 share is something very different. Not that I’m tired of medieval, gothic, victorian, art nouveau or classic, but I like (a lot) modern minimalist homes. My main neighborhood in game is full with all the lovely modern houses I’ve downloaded from other creators.

The house is a personal simization of a lovely house in seattle. The stairs are u-shaped and fully functional with a small interior zen garden to fill all the wasted space that those stairs take.
Download Urban Confort
No objects or patterns included with the rar file. If you do not have the objects that the house uses, the game substitute them with the original ones that where cloned from. Any way, the shopping list of sites wich lovely creations I used (more or less):
Sim Control
Living Sims
Stylist Sims